" Painting is the way I explore and express my inner life and my experience of the environment. Through observation and sketching I develop ideas for my paintings. Landscapes with which I have an emotional connection are a favourite subject matter. Nature has contributed to inner harmony throughout my life. Common objects such as chairs, pots, and flowers are recurring themes that are used as metaphors for relationships and emotions. Line, vivid colour and movement are significant elements in each creation. I work mainly in watercolour, and often use collage or ink to enhance my paintings. Each painting, a window on life, opens a potential dialogue between the viewer and the artist. "

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Donna Casa-Martin was born in a suburb of Boston.

She has lived in Quebec for over 40 years.


Donna Casa-Martin is a child psychotherapist. She worked for over 25 years at the Montreal Children's Hospital in the department of psychiatry and has a special interest

in infant mental health.


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